aCar receives the Bavarian Electro Mobility Award 2016

Bild aCarThe GPSM Friend aCar mobility project of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) received this year’s price for electromobility awareded by the Bavarian state government. The aCar concept seeks to provide sustainable electromobility to rural and disconnected areas in in developing countries, focusing particularly on Subsaharan Africa.Read more

Workshop on full electric Public Transport in San Sebastian, Spain

ElektrobusWithin the first quarter of 2017, VCDB VerkehrsConsult Dresden-Berlin GmbH will implement a workshop “From practice – to practice, solutions for a full electric Public Transport“ in San Sebastian, Spain.
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Ensuring sustainable mobility development: GPSM friends at HABITAT III

Quito side event

Vicente Torres of PTV emphasised that transport planning has changed tremendously in the last years. He explained that the planning approach has shifted from capacity oriented provision of road infrastructure to providing an energy efficient and affordable access to mobility. This promising approach however, did not reach overall implementation so far.

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“We are drunk on tech-solutions!“ Expert forum “Connected, mobile and sustainable – the digital city” October 06, 2016 at the Berlin GIZ Representation

IMGP6329On October 06, 2016 numerous experts of the mobility and transport sector discussed how the future of innovative urban mobility could look like and what main constraints are hindering the implementation of their visions. Panel experts included state secretary
Gunther Adler (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, BMUB), head of the directory Dr. Tania Rödiger-Vorwerk (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ), city officials and start-up representatives from Uber, Ally or Moovel.

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Side event in Quito: Urban Cable Cars – the future of urban mobility above our heads

10-MGD_LineaRoja_126Cities are continually growing and expanding, and information is traveling as fast as ever. With advantages in flexibility, adaptability, and cost, cable transit solutions can dive into the urban market, complementing existing and creating new public transportation networks. Working at every level, cable transit has the unique ability to utilize and expand upon a city´s natural corridors, built form, and existing transit networks. Careful attention to rider comfort and experience, along with community cooperation, and proven benefits can attract both city and resident support. Flexibility in system components and architecture increases opportunity both aesthetically and spatially, optimizing the system for almost any type of urban situation.Read more

Online registration open: International Railway Summit

thalysOnline registration for the 4th International Railway Summit in Paris is now open on the official website .

International Railway Summit is an exclusive meeting platform for key rail industry leaders and expert solution providers. The 4th International Railway Summit will take place in Paris on 15-17 February 2017.

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Invitation to parlamentarian evening: Cargo bikes as an alternative to motorized delivery

lastenradDeliveries are increasingly important services in cities. This is first and foremost due to the spreading trend of online purchases. But inner cities suffer from the increase of motorized deliveries, which is projected to soon reach a the bearable limit. Fortunately, several studies come to the conclusion that a large share of inner city delivery services could be carried out by cargo bicycles.Read more

GPSM About Us Booklet – Now Available in Arabic Language

GPSM_flyer_ARDo You want to know what GPSM is doing? Just have a look at our About Us Booklet. Now also available in Arabic language.

The German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM) is serving as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions from Germany. As a platform for exchanging knowledge, expertise and experiences, GPSM supports the transformation towards sustainability in developing and emerging countries. It serves as a network of information from academia, businesses, civil society and associations.

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GPSM at the 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress

09072016_Wocomoco_39The World Collaborative Mobility Congress “wocomoco” is a meeting place for the various players from the world of collaborative mobility. The congress aims at driving social change towards the creation of sustainable, efficient mobility and is therefore promoting dialogue on the theme from the political, economic and social aspects.

This year, the 4th wocomoco took place on the 7th and 8th September 2016 in Warsaw and hosted international experts from around the globe discussing innovative mobility solutions, trends in sharing mobility, co-mobility start-ups and further Topics.Read more

Ideas from street level – Joint BAQ Workshop of GPSM and ICLEI Ecomobility

Safe, Healthy and Clean Cities through SustainableIdeas from street level can create social interaction! At the BAQ workshop of ICLEI Ecomobility and GPSM, Simon Ng from Walk pointed out, that walking space is not only about mobility. Moreover it creates a space to live improving the quality of life. The Ecomobility festival is one way to transform a city towards sustainable transport modes, while Deutsche Umwelthilfe triggers governments to treat the negative impacts of transport seriously. Read more