GPSM at the 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress

09072016_Wocomoco_39The World Collaborative Mobility Congress “wocomoco” is a meeting place for the various players from the world of collaborative mobility. The congress aims at driving social change towards the creation of sustainable, efficient mobility and is therefore promoting dialogue on the theme from the political, economic and social aspects.

This year, the 4th wocomoco took place on the 7th and 8th September 2016 in Warsaw and hosted international experts from around the globe discussing innovative mobility solutions, trends in sharing mobility, co-mobility start-ups and further Topics.Read more

Ideas from street level – Joint BAQ Workshop of GPSM and ICLEI Ecomobility

Safe, Healthy and Clean Cities through SustainableIdeas from street level can create social interaction! At the BAQ workshop of ICLEI Ecomobility and GPSM, Simon Ng from Walk pointed out, that walking space is not only about mobility. Moreover it creates a space to live improving the quality of life. The Ecomobility festival is one way to transform a city towards sustainable transport modes, while Deutsche Umwelthilfe triggers governments to treat the negative impacts of transport seriously. Read more Presents German Cargo-Bike Solutions to Moroccan Stakeholders

Will future urban freight be dominated by (electric) cargo bikes? Arne Behrensen of, a freight bicycle consultancy and a GPSM friend, would answer this question with a “yes” straight away. This development appears to be recognised by big-scale logistics companies and online retailers like Amazon as well. Mr Behrensen could recently experience it on his own: on behalf of GIZ, he guided a delegation of Moroccan guests, comprised mostly by city officials and transport policy-makers, through the exemplary cargo bike projects in Berlin.Read more

Long-Distance Bus Transport: Flixbus Takes Over Postbus

flixbus-postbus-free_for_editorial_purposesFlixbus, the leading provider of long-distance bus services in Germany, announced its acquisition of Postbus, the number two of the German bus transit market. It is yet another step towards the greater consolidation of the long-distance bus services in Germany and Europe, after Flixbus, which already owns 71% of the market, took over Megabus, its British competitor. The now well-known company was established as recently as in 2013,Read more

SmartlaneDISPATCH!: An Innovative Cargo Route Planning App Launched

d751ff_f10bcf85fab94b40b85ba7671fd2f5c0Keeping track of your order, routes and delivery times while directing your driver smartly and keeping your customers updated at the same time – all this can be done easily with SmartlaneDISPATCH!, the recently launched application of Smartlane, a Munich-based startup. SmartlaneDISPATCH!, which is available both in a software-as-a-service form and as API, provides a handy tool for businesses to set up demand-oriented logistics processes.Read more

GPSM at the Cities for Mobility Congress in Stuttgart


The 8th International Congress Cities for Mobility was hosted by the city of Stuttgart between 19 and 21 June 2016 and it could obviously not take place without GPSM’s participation. The event provided a good opportunity for our network to get in touch with both the representatives of a wide range of cities and municipalities from all over the world and the mobility-related businesses. In a series of presentations modern sustainable solutions and their implementation strategies – with a particular focus on cycling – were presented by some successful cities (e.g. Utrecht and Vienna). Read more

Smartphone Application on German Road Safety

The German Road Safety Council’s new project “German Road Safety” addresses visitors and people who are new in Germany and provides them with basic information on traffic rules and road safety.

Besides two brochures, the information are now available via the German Road Safety App in English, German and Arabic!
The app gives an overview of the most important rules of the road in Germany and helps everyone to reach their destination safely – no matter if riding a bike, walking, using public transport or driving a car.
Once installed, German Road Safety is available even when you are offline!

You can download the app and the publications on the webpage.

For more information on road safety, please refer to the GPSM Poster A Comprehensive Approach for Road Safety, which is Available in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic. Furthermore you might be interested by our Spotlight publication No. 2, which introduces with the DEKRA Road Safety Report.

Pilot project gathering transport data in Ukrainian cities

To gain insight to Ukrainian mobility patterns, a joint pilot project from GIZ and modalyzer is gathering data on transport in Ukrainian cities. The gathered data shall help implementing integrated urban planning tools.

Participating cities are Zhytomyr, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi and more cities are welcome to join the project. People living in these cities can support the project by downloading the modalyzer app and running it whenever they like to be tracked during their trips in the city.

More information in English and Ukrainian can be found here.

ParkHere Facilitates the Search of Parking Spots in Ingolstadt

BesuchGarching3Ingolstadt is becoming, with ParkHere’s help, the first city in Bavaria to provide its citizens with real-time information about available parking spots.

The high-tech startup will install sensors in two different areas of the city. These sensors bring new opportunities and possibilities to the parking industry, as users can easily locate through their navigation system the available parking spots. The sensors don’t need batteries and have a lifespan of at least 25 years. Cities and communities benefit of the system as the traffic is dramatically reduced and thus the pollution is diminished. Similar projects have taken place in North American cities and reduced the time drivers dedicated to searching parking spot by about 43%.Read more

4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress on the 7th/8th September 2016 in Warsaw

wocomocoDiscuss, network, make business! The 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress „wocomoco2016“ is THE international platform for all stakeholders in the field of collaborative mobility and offers once a year a top-class programme with speakers from all over the world and a lot of room for exciting debates.
“We are witnessing a new era in mobility today. The World Collaborative Mobility Congress is addressing this trend and bringing together new and established players in the transport sector with the aim of advancing a new mobility regime – one where people share cars, journeys and infrastructure”, says Dr. Jörg Beckmann, Director of the mobility academy.

This year wocomoco will be hosted by the City of Warsaw and supported by the FIA, Mobility Systems + Services and INVERS.

The GPSM Friends eMio, CarJump, Drivy, DB, TeamRed, SHÄRE and SAP will be present on different panels to discuss trends in collaborative mobility.

You can find all information and the official programme here.

To register for the conference, please follow this link.