“Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany” stands for sustainable, proven, resource efficient, innovative, trustworthy and flexible solutions for all domains of mobility and logistics services.

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About the German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility

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Zero and Low Carbon Mobility Ideas – Made in Germany: Booklet
CleanAir-MadeInGermany_GPSM_Page_01 Clean Air – Made in Germany: Booklet
Consulting Consulting in Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany: Booklet
Consulting Recommendations for Mobility Master Planning: Booklet
Infografik_GPSM A Comprehensive Approach for Road Safety (EN | ES | CN | PT | AR)
Infografik_GPSM The 10 Principles for Sustainable Transport (EN | DE | CN | ES | FR | ID | PT | RU | SK | SL | UA | GEO | AZ | KR | AR | TR)
Sustainable Logistics_Publications Sustainable Logistics – Concepts and Case Studies from Germany
Discover Berlin by Sustainable Transport: Berlin Travel Guide
Discover Leipzig Discover Leipzig by Sustainable Transport: (EN | FR )






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